Nemzetközi Szállítámnyozási Kft.
Internationale Speditionsgesellschaft m.b.H.
 H-9022 Györ, Bisinger stny. 18.,
Tel. ( 36 ) 96 / 513 420, Fax. ( 36 ) 96 / 513 429
Hungarian        Deutsch

                            - transport organisation
                            - forwarding agency
                            - warehousing

Founded in:                 1991
Trade register Nr.:        08-09-002142
Number of employee:   6
Capital:                        3,3 M Ft.

-   The Ltd. is primary engaged in road transport organisation.

     Where from:
     Germany, Danemark, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, France,
     Spain, Italy.

     Where to:
     Hungary, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia.

-   By see shipping the Ltd. primary organise transports through
     the ports of  KOPER and BREMERHAVEN.

-   The Ltd. is also engaged in transshipment re-expedition of
     goods and warehousing.

     The  warehouses  in   SZEGED  disposes  over  rail  industrial  platforms  for
     receipt  and despatch of goods transported by rail.
     The warehouse in MAKO is primary suitable for shipment by road.
-   The Ltd. corespondence languages are: hungaryan, english,
      german, serbian and croatian

-   The Ltd. address is:

            Postal adress:  ALLEX KFT.  H-9022  Györ   Bisinger stny. 18.